Wall Cabinet System

Replacing a typical bookshelf with the usual knick-knacks in a basement den, this 225 gallon reef provides after-work relaxation for its owner, from his easy chair at the lower left.

System Details
The acrylic tank is 72x23x30 (225 gallon) and contains approximately 325 lbs of live rock, 20 species of inverts and fish. Lighting consists of 3-175watt metal halide bulbs and 4-30 watt actinic fluoresent tubes, on separate circuits. Ballasts for the lights are suspended in the ventilated (by quiet fans) space above the tank. A power pump provides water movement and a separate pump returns water from the filtration sump below the tank. Filtration includes a protein skimmer, and a UV sterilizer. A chiller and heater in the sump control temperature. The space under the tank is ventilated by fans and all of the electrical controls are housed in a single, overload-protected, switched panel.

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